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 Aim and Purpose of the Guild and FAQ's

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Dr. Kaii-sensei

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PostSubject: Aim and Purpose of the Guild and FAQ's   Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:56 pm

Welcome! Willkommen! Všlkommen! Bienvenue! Bienvenido! Bem-vindo! приветствовать! שלום!


Yo! I'm Dr. Kaii, pleased to meet you! Guess what! My guild is looking for you! OMG?! But you need more information? I see, ok here it is!

The 2 unique aims of the guild:

~To be the most helpful guild in DOMO (to Guildies and Everyone Else too!)~
~To be a group very good friends, have fun together, and hopefully grow old together~

The things that are NOT our aims (although they are all good bonuses):

  • To be focussed on leveling.
  • To be focussed on gold.
  • To be focussed on power.
  • To be focussed on fame.
  • To be focussed on cookies.


  • At time of posting, ranked 3rd for guild fame!
  • Level 6 guild, nearly level 7!
  • Chairperson: Me...duh!
  • Elders: Girlyz, TakedaShingen, Battryu
  • Branch Heads: Amberlynn, Ethoriac, Chiyokocho, Zes
  • Branches: 5 branches, Jade Jackals, Metal Mustangs, Rock Racoons, Sapphire Skinks and Ruby Raptors. Progress through the branches as you level!
  • Members: A truly universal guild! We have people from most continents, of all ages, a good mix of genders, and a real toss-pot of personalities! 65 Capacity at level 6, and it will be 70 soon at level 7!


What other attractions are there?

  • Competitions: Win pets, gold, and other cool things with our many competitions!
  • Events: We hold all sorts of fun events to give you a break from grinding, such as special guild "quests", games like hide and seek and guild parties!
  • Rewards: Each player can set a goal for themselves, or for the guild, and we will help establish appropriate awards for them, such as pets and gold!
  • Possibilites for promotion! We are looking for good leaders for branches and elder-positions...who knows? Could be you!
  • Endless supplies of cookies.

What do you do that makes you so "helpful", and what do I need to do?

  • Answer questions, and in a friendly, warm manner that makes people feel good!
  • Help people with quests
  • Help people with gold, pets and items
  • Help newbies learn the game
  • Help people level, even if you don't get great exp
  • Help eachother with real-life issues by giving a listening ear, and advice when needed
  • Give eachother cookies
--You will get all that in Dream Theater and I am sure you will give it too!

Why is now a perfect time to join?

  • A few people have left the game, for unrelated reasons like jobs, sickness or bad internet, and many are on long vacations so activity is low. We are now building a new family and you can be part of that and help create it! We need giving uncles, caring mothers, sweet daughters, big brothers, loving grandparents, annoying mother's-in-law and adorable pets! What's your vital role going to be?

Why else should I join?

  • The people that are still here are the best people in DOMO, I guarantee it or double your money back! They are the friendliest, kindest, most helpful people you can find, and are looking to pour their boundless love all over you!
  • We have so many competitions and events planned, we are just waiting for you to join so you don't miss them!
  • You are new, and you need help, nuturing and tender loving care! We will give you all that, its part of our Holy Platinum Rule, the rule that I enforce with extreme prejudice, and have never seen broken! We will make you feel at home in DOMO faster than anyone else, and fight for you to help you acheive all your goals and ambitions! Mark my words.
  • You are a newbie or veteran of DOMO and you want to be part of a family, part of the most helpful guild in the game! As leader I give you my word that this guild is for you.
  • You have been in guilds before and you have had bad experiences. You have seen vicious arguments, you have felt pressured to level and be active, you have been teased, mocked, and you have felt insignificant and alone! NO MORE! Once again, as leader I give you my word of honour that you will NOT find ANY of this in our guild. I promise you I will put all of my energy into making sure none of that can even begin to happen. The rules are all there to protect that, and as I said, I enforce them with all my heart, all my soul and all my might, as do all of my beloved elders, branch heads and members! You will really feel special in this guild. This guild is made only by its members. Each is a vital organ in the body that is Dream Theater!

How do I sign up?!
Are you definately going to carry on playing? You need to know that first. We don't want quitters! If you are level 20 you should know by now, so you are welcome to join. If you are certain you will not quit and are not level 20, apply anyway!

  • Send application >>here<<!
  • Send a private message or mail to Kaii in game, or anyone from Dream Theater!

WTH! It sounds so damned good! Like a Dream! Join Dream Theater today. Seriously...what the hell are you waiting for?!?!?!?! Hurry! Spaces limited! affraid

With love,

Dr. Kaii <3

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Aim and Purpose of the Guild and FAQ's
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