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 Guild Fame Competition 4

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Dr. Kaii-sensei

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PostSubject: Guild Fame Competition 4   Sat May 31, 2008 5:08 pm

*This post has been upgraded to an Announcement, as this competition is imminently over! Now is your last chance to enter and win one of the wonderful prizes!*

This time around we need 400 Guild fame for level 5...Thats 1300 Guild fame! So this time the rewards are going to have to be big. Before I mention them, please let me say something SO important. People always get depressed and demotivated when it comes to these competitions, and this is needless. Don't feel that you don't stand a chance. Why? Because in the last competitions, people got into the winning ranks with 6, 4, 3 even 2 fame points! Yes, we don't have such a huge set of fame spammers in the guild, just a few elitists, and there are more winners than there are spammers. So even if you came into the guild long after this competition started, if you spam a little , you will go a long way!

Ok here are the prizes for next competition.

1st place: Love egg/Egg of Choice AND up to 600 Kash points AND 50k
2nd place: Love egg/Egg of Choice OR up to 600 Kash points AND 50k.
3rd place: Any egg other than Love egg or 50k
4th place: Any egg other than Love or Ruby or 40k.
5th place Any egg other than Love, Ruby or Sapphire or 30k.
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th place: Jade eggs or 20k.
Anyone else who contributes will get 1k per fame point they contribute. If it turns out that 6th place has more than 19 fame, then the gold rewards will have to go up accordingly!

Quick reminder of the rules for newbies: This competition measures how much fame each person achieved since the competition started, NOT how much they achieved since the guild started. For example, TakedaShingen had 173 fame at the end of competition 3, but only 73 were counted for his result, as he had 100 at the start of the competition. Therefore the amount of fame each person had, when the guild was at 900 fame, whether it be 173 or 0, is considered 0 with regards to this competition. Thus, don't be afraid, or daunted by all the people with huge amounts of guild fame! Here is how much everyone has at the start of competition 4:

TakedaShingen 173
Girlyz 165
Ashely 89
Battryu 75
Zafina 28
Sylphid 24
Wurrzag 16
Priss 13
Chiyokocho 10
Smulan 10
cYanide 10
Kerry 9
Astix 6
Eraiya 4
miffy 4
MahoXX_nami 4
Whiteberrymuffin 2
Arito 2
Hianna 2
Amberlynn 2
Beat 1
Ainhoa 1
Iije 1
Lunch 1
Sujaka 1
Ethoriac 1
Kazuki_Kaishiro 1

NOTE: People can be rewarded with eggs through other means. Please see here.
How to get guild fame? See here.
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Guild Fame Competition 4
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