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 Guild Rules

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Dr. Kaii-sensei

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:57 pm

Here are the rules that you must follow in the guild:

  • [Golden Rule] - Keep it clean in guild chat and forums! That means no swearing, no dirty jokes or dirt of any kind, no teasing, bullying or insulting, no racism, no politics of any kind, nothing controversial, no spamming and no arguments!
  • [Holy Platinum Rule] - Members must be kind, helpful and friendly!
  • Must speak pretty good english, and only use this in guild chat!
  • Must log in a decent amount, at least a few hours a week, unless a good reason comes up. If you are going to be away for more than a week and you know in advance, please inform us. If you disappear, we may expel you at our own discretion to make space. You may be able to rejoin after if there is still space and you adequately explain your unexplained absense!
  • Must be a good example to other players.
  • Obviously...no beggars, whiners, moaners, bullies, super-emos, complainers, no scammers, spammer, hackers, criminals, kill-stealers, botters, mob-chainers, stalkers, perverts or DOMO rule breakers are welcome. <--If you are any of these, I officially call a Spank Fiasco upon you! If you are a bandit, pirate or a ninja, we will see...

Shocked Failure to keep the Golden Rule can result in immediate expulsion! Shocked

See? Not too bad is it? Razz
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Guild Rules
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